Juhel Jean-Baptiste

Research Assistant

I am a post-doc at the UMR Marbec (Marine biodiversity conservation and exploitation), University of Montpellier (France).

My research interests are diverse and include population and community ecology, conservation ecology and functional ecology.

I am specialized in innovative approaches and technological breakthroughs to address logistical constraints in marine ecology. I use underwater stereo videos and environmental DNA to assess marine diversity in hard to access areas (e.g. deep waters) and very rich regions (e.g. Coral Triangle).

I have participated in several international projects involving public and private sector partnership. I enjoy working with international and multidisciplinary teams providing hierarchical and non-hierarchical management. I have been involved as an expert (or head of mission) in more than 10 marine science campaigns occurring in more than 5 countries (mostly in tropical areas).

I have taught 5 biology and ecology related courses at the University during 5 years and mentored 3 students.


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