Juhel Jean-Baptiste

Research Assistant

I am a temporary lecturer and research assistant (ATER) at the university of Montpellier (France).

My research interests are diverse and include population and community ecology, conservation ecology and functional ecology.

I am specialized in using remote and preserved sites as ecological baselines. They enable us to evaluate the impact of human activities and the efficiency of management measures. We are then able to set restoration goals and to optimize them over time.
This research topic is crucial to address the conservation - exploitation challenges of marine ecosystems.

I use innovative approaches and technological breakthroughs to address logistical constraints in marine ecology.

I enjoy working with international and multidisciplinary teams. I have worked with the Center of Marine Future of the University of Western Australia, the University of New Caledonia, the University of Montpellier (France) and the French Research Institute for Development (IRD).

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